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Possibly the best value in town!   Escape to the Future!  Doc Brown has taken the time machine into the future, but he has forgotten one major thing:  more fuel!  To help the Doc, you must break into his lab, which will not be easy because it is protected by many of the scientist's best locks and traps.  There are secrets to protect!  Once you enter the lab, a time lock will be activated.  You will only have 1 hour to get through the puzzles before the lab completely shuts down.  It will take all your wits to navigate his control panels, short-circuit his door, and break into the plutonium vault so you can send Doc a ticket home.  10:30am/12pm/1:30pm/3pm/4:30pm (subject to availability)

Escape a Temple of Doom - an Indiana Jones adventure, with mummies, crypts, and cursed treasures.

Escape an Extraterrestrial Disaster - where customers break out E.T. from the government quarantine so he can go home.

Escape a Termination - located in an actual prison bus (outside), where participants have 45 minutes to play before the Terminator comes back!

Escape an Alien Encounter - Ripley needs your help!  You must rid this attraction of all the face-hugging aliens and get to safety in one hour or less.  This escape game is visually stunning and has so many cool electric clues and puzzles.  One of our best games yet!  11am/12:30pm/2pm/3:30pm/5pm (subject to availability)

With your ESCAPE ROOM ticket, the fun continues for FREE - you get to experience the whole 80's complex at no additional cost!  

Our reasonably priced gift shop and New Wave Cafe'  are available for your enjoyment too.


Close to the junction of Hwy 76 and Gretna Road, RETROMANIA is located at 3307 W Hwy 76 Country Blvd in Branson, MO 65616

Hours of Operation

Must call to confirm times and availability (subject to change).

Escape An Alien Encounter

All Ages

Escape to the Future

All Ages